We’re home


Yeah, we’re home from Florida.  We didn’t get blown away by Isaac even tho we both got to Orlando around the same time.  Actually it wasn’t *too* bad there.  Yeah there was lots of rain (it rained almost every day – more so than usual) & it was windy, but Orlando was spared the brunt of it.  Unfortunately New Orleans wasn’t so lucky.  Ya’ll keep the folks from LA, MS, FL & AL in your thoughts & prayers, k?

We didn’t do a whole lot in FL, we didn’t do Disney.  I KNOW?!  We went to FL & didn’t do Disney.  What’s wrong with us???  Well, for one this trip was somewhat of an out of the blue, let’s do FL this year thing.  We hadn’t planned on going.  So we didn’t do our usual saving for this trip like we usually do.  Plus with the meds I’m on for all the hives, I’m super sensitive to the sun.  We did do SeaWorld (it’s free for military members & 3 family members) & we did a morning of just riding the monorail.  Justin & my Daddy loved that day!  We just rode to the different resorts & around the parks.  We got off to look &/or shop when the mood struck & I had a ball just taking pics of Justin’s expressions!  We also walked along the boardwalk & of course we did Downtown Disney.  I actually kinda liked it.  There was no hurrying anywhere (except for Wednesday when we went to SeaWorld.  Sean planned that whole day & boy oh boy did he have us running, but it was all shows so it was hurry up to get here & sit & watch a show, so it wasn’t all that bad) it was just a hang out kinda week.  The boys had a blast in the pool, I thought the 3 of them would grow gills.  Yes, Nick included.  Sean gave his Gammy a pedicure one night, Nick took the boys riding on a surrey bike one morning, there was basketball to be played, Dunkin Donuts runs to be made (right across 535 from where we stay!) & just in general goofiness to be enjoyed.  Yeah, we had fun.  We were hardly home 3 days before Nick started talking abt the next trip! <3

Have I mentioned it’s been blissfully cooler here?  Or maybe it was just the 400* & 10,000% humidity in FL (OK, so I’m exaggerating a little bit) but as I type this it’s 71* outside, the sun is shining, there’s a cool breeze blowing & every window & door I have is thrown wide open to soak up all the fresh air.

Oh, the boys are back in school.  Justin’s all excited to have an agenda for me to sign daily.  Sean’s all psyched he’s a big kid in 5th grade.  Where did the years go?  3rd grade & 5th grade already.  Not to mention Shane, who’s doing fabulous at AUM.  When we were in FL (he didn’t go, he had classes) he told us that he had gotten an A on a history assignment & he was told by a published author that it was very well written.  If you know Shane, then you know how hard it’s been for him to write anything.  He would always know what he wanted to say, but getting it on paper was the hard part.  If an assignment had to do with writing, 99% of the time he just wouldn’t do it.  Well, when he was way younger.  Now look at him!  I’m so proud of all of my boys!

I have a couple new pages, then it’s off to scrap a bit before my allergist appointment this afternoon.  My doc is going to try lowering my dose of my huge stinky pill (the cyclosporine) & see if I still break out in hives.  Keep your fingers crossed I don’t!!

I started scanning some of Mama’s old pics from her albums.  I’ve been trying to get the pics off those nasty glued pages everyone used forever that is the worst thing for pictures.  These pics are from my 1st birthday!

Wasn’t I a cutie?!  And bald as all get out until I was abt 3.  All my boys were born with a head full of hair, needing haircuts.  Except Sean.  My poor Sweetcheeks was abt as bald as I was!


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