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Nothing much new to share.  We’re still here.  We had a super soggy 4th.  It rained all day.  So we watched the fireworks on TV this year.  Poor Justin’s been having a rough time with all the mosquito bites.  Poor kid comes in from being outside 10 mins & he’s covered in bites.  Legs all red.  I’ve tried bug spray, it doesn’t work.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I’ve been out helping my cousin find a wedding dress & all the paraphernalia that goes with that.  Plus I was told I’m scrapping her wedding.  That’s going to be fun!  She won’t let me post the pics of her dress shopping (she had to take pics of herself in the dresses) yet, but I will soon.  The looks on her face is priceless!

I do, however, have a ton few new pages to share. I’ve been on a roll lately.  Meagan’s putting out some fabulous kits, so had Pixel Gypsy & the templates SheCreates (Anna) & Southern Serenity (Amber) have been putting out are just so much fun.

This is what life is about

sweet itty bitty

my American hero

Caskett 2

love my all american guy

Big Papi

bailey's payback

any time

2012 school pics


OK, I think that’s all the newer pages I have.  That I can post anyway.  😉  I have something the boys & I did for Nick for Father’s Day, but he won’t get it until we see him in August, so I’m holding onto that one.  Told ya Meagan, Sherrie, Anna & Amber were crankin out some goodies!!  OK, time for me to close this so I can get to bed.  Ya’ll have a great night!

Kari 2

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